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Can't Get Enough (Mills & Boon Blaze) eBook: Sarah Mayberry: irmilverntentnmak.gq: Kindle Store.
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And given the chance, will Luke remain with Nieve? Or will he vanish back to his world, taking her heart with him. British art conservator Charlie Bennett has arrived in Venice to advise Venetian billionaire Orlando Rossi on his most recent acquisition. Before meeting the mogul, she heads to the Rialto Bridge to do some sketching of her own. And she is even more surprised to learn the identity of her subject When jet-setting executive Connor O'Shea crashes at his aunt's house, all he wants is a bed for the night. As the only sister of five large brothers, Mary-Clair has had enough of being considered a child.

Her entire life her small stature has drawn condescending treatment from boyfriends and family alike, resulting in her one steadfast rule: no tall men. It was as if she was made for him. Sensual curves wrapped in a crimson silk gown, long dark hair trailing down her back in waves, and her exquisite features partially hidden beneath a golden mask.

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The only present that Nico Katsaros could ever want. But it was her eyes that held Nico in thrall. The eyes of his soon to be ex-wife. When an unexpected meeting at The Chatsfield, New York's charity gala brings Lucy back into his life, Nico is determined not to be denied his one winter wish—to have his wife in his bed and back on his arm in time for Christmas! Then, surprise! He has t This one had a vampire.

He has to go to her hometown to get his revenge on the vampire who turned him and murdered his whole family, except for his brothers who got made vampires too. This story was pretty much your basic Harlequin Blaze with a little vampireness slathered over the top. I wasn't sure why she bothered, but it was a decent read.

I read all of it, after all. Oct 28, Angela rated it really liked it. Cody and Miranda grabbed me right from the start.

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The two shared similar backgrounds which created a bond, a connection between them. And when Cody bit Miranda He's a vampire , it only grew stronger. Cody is on a quest to find and stake the vampire who brutally killed his family and turned him and his remaining two brothers into creatures of the night. Along the way he meets Miranda who has her own demons to contend with.

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As she sets out to have wild, passionate sex with a stranger before she s Cody and Miranda grabbed me right from the start. As she sets out to have wild, passionate sex with a stranger before she settles down to the boring, uneventful life she thinks she wants, she crosses paths with Cody, the sexy, vampire. What follows are hot, steamy love scenes culminating in a forever and after love affair. This is a great read, a definite keeper. View 1 comment. Mar 06, Steph rated it really liked it. I got this book for free so was a little dubious to begin with.

I did really like the story but there wasn't reall much to it. I then discovered that there are three books that come before this one. And the three main characters from them books all made an appearance in this book. So I'd imagine that reading them as well will be a good idea. This story finishes with Brent going off to find their brothers wife Rose who they believed to be dead, but have discovered that she also was turned into I got this book for free so was a little dubious to begin with.

This story finishes with Brent going off to find their brothers wife Rose who they believed to be dead, but have discovered that she also was turned into a vampire. This is a good love story, not too long, some really great.. Give it a go! This is my first foray into romance with a paranormal edge and I have to admit I loved this book from beginning to end. I couldnt put it down. The pace is breath-taking and Cody is so dark and sexy. I'm now a fan of Kimberly Raye and off to buy more of her books. Aug 27, Leanne Rockett rated it it was amazing. Brilliant book started it this morning and just finished it love so on to the next Braddock brother yum hope it's as gud as the first.

Nov 07, Lindsey Faye rated it really liked it Shelves: own-copy , theme-vampire , theme-fated-to-be-mated , theme-alpha-male , genre-supernatural-scifi-fantasy , theme-rogue-rake-bad-boy , theme-male-pov , theme-protective-possessive , theme-hea , author-to-watch.

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Sexy vampire cowboy? No other words needed. Apr 14, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: erotic-romance. Haven't read a Blaze in a while and this was right up my alley. Meyer gives us sparkling vampires. Raye gives us vamps with built-in color changing eyes - with random magical abilities. I don't think there was much of a plot to this story. Miranda and Cody have a one-night stand, and though they seem to meet infrequently, thanks to their shared blood and connection , they can't help thinking about each other - and subsequently, to fall in love.

Cody seemed like a decent guy. He is supposedly a hardcore vampire cowboy, but aside from his thoughts of getting Meyer gives us sparkling vampires.

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He is supposedly a hardcore vampire cowboy, but aside from his thoughts of getting a thrill bull-riding, the reader doesn't get a sense that he is a real cowboy. Instead, the reader is often told by Miranda that Cody is a cowboy. As for Cody's vampirism, that also does not seem to be a distinct part of what Cody is. I have my own problems with the author's portrayal of vampires; namely, their magical abilities.

For example, Cody's telepathic abilities seem to have inconsistently applied rules, but I wasn't reading very carefully so I might be wrong. The whole "vampire" aspect seemed a bit silly, to be honest. I found myself rolling my eyes with each mention of purple or silver eyes, and self-levitation. But then again, I have long been tired of reading vampire romances, and have only done so to get this book out of my TBR pile. She has a list of where she would like to have it.

That's pretty much all she thinks about - that, Cody, and feeling sorry for herself because of how she grew up and what people think of her.

She wasn't my favorite character. What was most interesting about this whole book was probably the heat factor. It was really hot. Miranda and Cody's first encounter was probably the best. They only met up one other time, but it paled in comparison. Yet, despite their few encounters, they decide that they love each other.

Do you get the sense that I didn't believe that they fell in love? That's because I didn't. It didn't seem believable. I didn't get the sense of a love-at-first-sight nor that after a couple of mind-blowing encounters, they somehow knew enough about each other to fall in love. The dialogue seemed a bit stiff and unnatural. It seemed unbelievable to me that either character would spill so much personal information when they barely knew each other.

However, this wasn't so very bad.

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It has held my interest long enough to get me to finish it. Also, when Cody and I met Garret's friend, my interest was piqued. I wanted to read his story to see what Garret was like. After all, everyone knows that bad guys do not have friends so I knew that Garret must be a good and interesting guy. More of a 2. I would like to say I am totally over the heroine who has only had sexual encounters with 3 men, all of whom apparently were incapable of finding a single erogenous zone. At some point, it occurs to me that in this podunk town, if all the men were that incompetent, the population would be zero.

Thus, it has to be that the women all have some hangup somewhere that keep them from, oh I dunno… experiencing even a little bit of interest. That being the case, it seems to me th More of a 2. That being the case, it seems to me that they wouldn't know an orgasm if it bit them in the ass. Easy pickings for a vampire who feeds off sexual pleasure. It's kinda…yeah. How about a heroine who has had a good relationship in the past, huh? Cody…is essentially a hothead. Not a very bright hothead either, since he's a bull rider and has been a bull rider for 15 years, yet hasn't aged a day.