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Since the 10am departure from London Kings Cross and Edinburgh Waverley had been the fastest and most comfortable way of travelling the length of the nation, and in it was officially titled The Flying Scotsman - a nickname it had been given many years earlier - and was confirmed as the most famous and prestigious train in the British timetable.

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Over the next fifteen years the train got faster and more luxurious, in response to competition from other routes, airlines and the motor car. From it began running non-stop, an achievement that earned it yet more attention. Until Mallard and its streamlined sisters took the train to even greater heights in the later s, the apple green locomotives and teak carriages of The Flying Scotsman were a national icon, and never more so than when , Flying Scotsman - the first locomotive to achieve an authenticated mph - headed the train herself.

This superbly illustrated book introduces the route of The Flying Scotsman the development of the train from to the present, and the extraordinary story of the locomotive that now forms the centerpiece of the British National Collection. Aug 07, PM. Is it a primal attachment to childhood, nostalgia for the lost age of rail travel, or the stuff of flat-out obsession?

Speed and control: I was fascinated by both, as well as by the way they were inextricably bound together. But for Posey, the creation of his HO-scale masterpiece based on the historic Colorado Midland, was just the beginning. In Playing with Trains, Sam Posey ventures well beyond the borders of his layout in northwestern Connecticut, to find out what makes the top modelers tick.

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For instance, Malcolm Furlow, holed up on his ranch in the wilderness of New Mexico, insists that model railroading is defined by scenery and artistic self-expression. Aug 18, PM. There was nothing prettier than the Streamliner trains that used to criss-cross the country in the age when train travel was the way to go.

This book is for the train lover. Classic American Streamliners by Mike Schafer no photo Synopsis: Gorgeous archival photographs combine with original brochures, time tables and menus to illustrate the great story of the streamlined trains that reigned supreme from the s through the s. Filled with everything pertaining to streamlined trains including their development, rolling stock, motive power, designs, operations, and appointments.

Sep 07, PM. Jan 29, PM. The name brings thoughts of mystery and romance This book covers the history of that justly famed train.

[I Heard That] Lonesome Whistle

The Orient Express by Anthony Burton no photo Synopsis: The Orient Express is a name that is synonymous with luxury train travel in Europe In , the first train caused a sensation: resplendent in a gleaming livery, each carriage offered the luxury of leather-embossed chairs set in compartments paneled in teak and mahogany detailed with exotic marquetry.

It depicts the history of the Orient Express service, from its beginning to its final days. Illustrated with stunning black-and-white photographs, many of them never previously published, it offers an intriguing portrait of the birth, heyday and decline of luxury railroad travel through Europe.

May 22, PM. Good add, Jerome. That looks interesting. Can you imagine the time and labor it took to build the Trans-Siberian? May 25, PM. Oct 15, AM. The workhorses of the early railroad era. American Steam Locomotives by Brian Solomon no photo Synopsis: A powerful collection of yesterdays iron workhorses captured in a variety of nostalgic photographs.

Solomon's thoroughly-researched text details the origins, development and growth of the steam locomotive from its earliest days right up to its final futile battles to compete with the diesel.

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Witness the intimate workings of old steam engines that used 20, gallons of water per hour! And look inside fireboxes large enough to host a dinner for 12! See these iron behemoths inside and out, in photographs of them on the tracks, as well as in shots of them being rebuilt.

An action-packed profile of the mighty steam trains that once ruled the tracks. Nov 13, PM. Yuri Lomonosov was a Russian train engineer who played a major role in building the Russian railroad system. After the revolution, he went abroad to Berlin to run a program that spent a third of the Russian gold reserve to buy hundreds of locomotives in Germany and Sweden to restore transportation.

It also bought ships to deliver them. At the same time, he developed the first running diesel locomotive.

Signalman's Nightmare

He refused to return to Russia fearing execution. Tony Heywood studied Russian sources and Lomonosov's diaries to write this book. It is a history book rather than a novel, but both the man and events described in it make it very engaging, and the story of inventing the diesel train makes it a must - read if you are serious about train history.

Thanks, Laura. Be sure to give the author link too. Feb 21, PM. An in-depth look at steam locomotives for the enthusiast. Semmens no photo Synopsis: Following the pioneering work of Trevithick, Stephenson, and many others, steam locomotives continued to evolve and be refined until overtaken by diesel and electric traction technology. Although the last main-line steam service was operated by British Rail in , there is still immense interest in steam traction, as demonstrated by the increasing numbers of privately renovated and preserved locomotives and heritage railways around the world.

In How Steam Locomotives Really Work, the authors, both railway experts, cover the design of locomotives, the many processes in the conversion of fuel to tractive effort, the dynamic characteristics of the locomotive as a vehicle, the braking equipment, and a host of other systems, major and minor, that make up a working locomotive.

They also explain the reasons for running and maintenance practices. Their explanations will fascinate enthusiasts, whether practical or armchair. Steam locomotive design may have started in the United Kingdom, but it quickly developed parallel and sometimes diverging techniques in other countries, leading to many distinct developments that contribute to the national characteristics of some locomotives.


Feb 22, AM. Urbana : University of Illinois Press , Filene , Benjamin.

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Foner , Philip S. Paul Robeson Speaks. Secaucus, N. Gabbard , Krin. Jammin' at the Margins: Jazz and the American Cinema. Chicago : University of Chicago Press , Gennari , John. Gordon , Eric A. New York : St. Martin's Press , Gottlieb , Bill. Hagopian , Kevin Jack. Dorinson , Joseph and Pencak , William , — Jefferson, N. Jacobson , Matthew Frye. Karp , Jonathan.

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Kelley , Robin D. New York : Free Press , Lieberman , Robbie. Locke , Alain. Lott , Eric. New York : Oxford University Press , Morrison , Toni. Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination.