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Lament book. Stranded in a foreign land, two sisters, Linda and Laura are on a quest to re you may enjoy the Restraint Novels, Restraint and Lament.
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It is a game theory concept brought to the highest level of communication that humans have developed.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and the Art of Ambivalence

By choosing to maintain a smaller-but-threatening nuclear deterrent force, Beijing has kept far-superior forces at bay while not needing to participate in costly arms races. It has held to its own philosophical high ground and, at least in its own eyes, gained global respect.

Restraint: A Novel by Sandra Madera (Book 1 of the Restraint Trilogy)

But there are few countries to which these lessons would not apply: North Korea, for example, is in the midst of its own nuclear breakout, and all evidence today indicates that its leadership is sprinting to build a guaranteed second-strike capability to deter aggression from its rivals and ensure regime security.

The early PRC was one such state, and its successful quest for security has made the value of a nuclear deterrent clear. Thus, for states interested in slowing the spread of nuclear weapons around the world, a paramount lesson is that menacing a less powerful state with destruction adds a great amount of incentive for that state to acquiring a counter-acting capability. In the s, the United States attempted to coerce China with its nuclear weapons, but did not make many diplomatic efforts for engagement.

Falling short of fulfilling its threats of devastation on Beijing, and offering no alternative way to relieve such dire pressure, the U. Another key lesson in this area is to not underestimate the abilities of any determined proliferator. Modern proliferators have the advantages of technology and information networks, too: it should not be forgotten that the nuclear bomb was created closer to the invention of the light bulb than to today.

Thanks to this basic fact, counterproliferation efforts must be extremely vigilant, rapid, and compelling—hopefully, with the previous lesson in mind. In few other countries or sectors has ideology been as strong a guiding presence—much less among core national security fields like nuclear weapons. In many countries, and most notably the United States, key ideological beliefs have been instead burned in the name of national security, with arguably mixed results. January 31, Dang de wenxian Party Historical Documents , no.

Associated Press. Burr, William, and Jeffrey T. Nuclear Policy Program. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. March 13, Crane, Conrad C. Cumings, Bruce. Dingman, Roger.

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Dulles, John Foster. April , — Eisenhower, Dwight D. The American Presidency Project.

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Lament (Restraint Trilogy #2) by Sandra Madera

The Soviet Image of Future War. Washington, D. Ginsburgs, George. New York: Springer, Haynes, Susan Turner.

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    Kurchatov, lead scientist for the Soviet nuclear effort, and Stalin. From Personal notes of I. Panda, Ankit. Rotmistrov, P. Quoted in Lawrence Freedman.

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    The United States

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