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Authorship by Charles Baudelaire - , no title, appears in Les Fleurs du mal , in 6. La Mort , in Le Voyage , no. Text added to the website between May and September Last modified: Line count: 8 Word count: Ismail , re printed on this website with kind permission.

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Text added to the website: Last modified: Line count: 8 Word count: We use cookies for internal analytics and to earn much-needed advertising revenue. Did you know you can help support us by turning off ad-blockers? Questo soffitto, viola, no. Suona l'armonica, mi sembra un organo. Che canta per te e per me. E per te e per me.

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When you are close to me. This bedroom has walls no longer.

"fendre" English translation

But trees, yes, trees stretching to infinity. And when you are so very close to me. It existed no more; I see the sky leaning over us, who remain like this.

Left on our own, just as if,. There was nothing more, nothing else in the world, any longer. Which sings for you and me. Up there in the infinite sky. Both for you and for me. When you are here with me.

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This room has no walls any longer. But trees, trees that stretch out to infinity. This ceiling, in purple does not. Doesn't exist anymore, and I see the sky above us. Who remain here, abandoned like this, as if. There was nothing else, no nothing more in this world. The harmonica plays, it seems an organ to me.

Out in the immensity of the sky. Original Carla Bruni Site. Search this site. Absolute Beginners David Bowie.

Un «poète» soucieux de «l'instant présent»

Afternoon - Poem by Dorothy Parker. At last the secret is out. Before The World Was Made. Febo ou Amor? As we can see, nine of the fourteen verses are Alexandrine, simply because that was how they came out in the translation, and three of them, verses 4, 10 and 13, are simply twelve-syllable verses. When the second Brazilian edition was released, a critic clearly immune to poetry translation that tries to maintain the form of the original, made a big fuss about the disappearance of the word " abolie " in the second verse of the Portuguese version.

I, on the contrary, find the solution " Torre da Abulia " Tower of Apathy to be highly satisfactory, first of all because of the strong symbolist ambience that emanates from this expression, and then because since apathy means lack of will, absence of action, and all that exists consists, in a way, of action and will, to me the word seems very appropriate to take the place of " abolie ".

Le ciel est mort

The recovery of the sound, incantatory values of the form of the poem seem to amply compensate for these small strays from the meaning, and even more in the case of Nerval. There are two definitions of poetry that really please me. The second says that poetry is the art of saying only with words what words only cannot say. In both cases, to me the poetic translation of the poems seems to be the one that is justified. As we can also see in the sonnet provided as an example, the first verse came out in Portuguese without any effort, directly, a perfect Alexandrine with the same exact words as the original.

In the second verse, in turn, the difficulty we have just discussed emerged. Dieu est mort! Dieu n'est pas! Dieu n'est plus!

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As we can see, neither the translation of poetry, at least in many cases, is an impossible task, nor does the translator have to be the traitor of the famous wordplay. Am I love or Phoebus? Lusignan or Biron? My face still red from the queen's kiss; I've dreamed in the cavern where the siren swims Translated by Mark Lamoureux.

When the Lord, lifting his skinny arms to the sky Under the sacred trees as poets do, Longtime lost in mute dolor Called himself traitored by ingracious friends,. Still they slept, "Friends have you heard the news?

Nana Mouskouri & Garou: Le ciel est noir (A Hard Rain's a-gonna fall)

I touched the eternal vault with my face; I bleed, I break, I suffer days upon days. Brothers, I conned you: Abyss!

The god is gone from this altar that murders me!