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Shadow Hills Returns Obsessions Curse and Shadow Hills Returns Family Ties and Shadow Hills Returns The Cost of Love. Therefore Shadow Hills Returns.
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The latter two seem to have some huge, long-buried secret, which she naturally and somewhat inconsiderately tries to unearth. The writing style struck me as pretty standard. I didn't find it particularly noteworthy, though it was smooth in a way that made me able to read it fairly quickly.

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It didn't do much to help me get to know our main character or evoke any emotion, but it was good for simply telling a story. The background characters were at extremes. Adriana was a brat, Graham was the helpful best friend, and Toy was the loveable, awkward friend. But exaggerated to where eye-rolling is triggered by any dialogue. Trent was Trent was almost comically evil. Now I can ask someone actually worth my time. The romances felt unnatural and forced.

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Our main character scouts out the most attractive guy and they become a couple, and then everyone else seems to just shrugs and grab the nearest person of the opposite gender. Overall, Shadow Hills proved to me to be mostly another of those dime a dozen paranormal romances. It used the standard plot and character templates, but had a few more interesting embellishments. I give Shadow Hills a 3 out of 5. Jan 17, Kim Q rated it it was amazing.

If I could describe Shadow Hills in three words, I would say: refreshing, beautiful, and captivating…it will capture your attention through most of its entirety. Phe is now one of my favorite characters all time Funny because when I took the character quiz a few months ago, I got her… I loved how the plot was played out. The secret was nothing I could have thought If I could describe Shadow Hills in three words, I would say: refreshing, beautiful, and captivating…it will capture your attention through most of its entirety.

The author gives you hints there and there, but in order to put the pieces together, you have to keep reading. The descriptions were spot on, and the last scene in the book is where it really came to its best. The details were so fitting for every scene, especially the ones that make your eyes pop of its creepiness.

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As for the romance, it is almost perfect. The whole aspect of the book is fantastic with its suspense, romance, and secrecy. Secrets are nice; everyone is intrigued by a secret. A California character, in this case, Phe, is awesome! I loved the interaction between Phe and Zach along with all the other characters.

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Adriana just made me laugh. Characters being stupid is one thing, but in this book, it really worked out well. I loved this book and definitely will get myself a copy. I cannot wait for her future books to come. Incredible debut. What I thought of… The Beginning: I was sucked into the first page. I loved the introduction to all the secondary characters. I mean, who would put this book down?! The End: It was a great ending, leaving me happy, but also displeased. Persephone enrolled into Devenish Preparatory after her sister passed away, in hopes of finding out why her sister was drawn to the place.

As soon as Phe arrived in Shadow Hills, I was full of anticipation in wanting to know more about the town and the mystery guy in her dreams. Speaking of the mystery guy, Zach is alluring in his own right. As soon as Phe locked eyes with him, I could see the sparks flying.

Talk about Magnetism! Hopcus's writing style and well paced plot kept me in suspense as I tried to fit the puzzle pieces together. I can imagine this series going in so many directions. Rating: 4. Dec 04, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own. Lately I've been reading lots books and most of them were about werewolves and vampires, and I'm kind of tired of it. Shadow Hills was definitely not one of those books. It was so original and well written. I fell in love with Zach the second he shows up. He's not just the hot male character in the story, he's also a sweet and caring guy.

Okay, so basically I loved this book and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for something new and interesting to read. This was a good read. It was different than what I was expecting. However, that was a good thing. Like many people predictable gets old after awhile. We did have to deal with some mean girls. Although, sadly in a boarding or prep school you will have that.

I enjoyed how it had some paranormal but was also a mystery too. I love when the genres combine together. Dec 25, Sophia rated it did not like it.

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Oh, I hate writing negative reviews! So much! But really, what I'm about to write isn't going to be a review as much as it's going to be a rant. A rant on why I really, really disliked this book and why it was a chore to get through. Before we get started, let me just say, I wanted to put this book down at pg However, because I hate giving up on books, I made it through all pages. Let me just tell you, though, that I heavily skimmed throughout the last pages or so.

I wanted to like Oh, I hate writing negative reviews! I wanted to like this book. The concept sounded creepy and awesome. The cover is totally great. The ratings on Goodreads are pretty stellar. I really wanted to enjoy this book and end with a bang. This book was more of a flop. I had several major problems with this book.

The first was--of course, you guys know me and my relationships with characters--the main character, Persephone "Phe" Archer. She was idiotic.

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I'm sorry--I could not put it any nicer. Yeah, that was Phe. It's even ironic because there's a line in the book where Phe says she doesn't want to be the idiotic girl in a horror movie. Well, she is. She falls into all these stupid traps that I'm sure even a toddler would have enough sense to evade. Plus, Phe was totally gaga over Zach. I mean, I love a good romance. Key word: good. This romance was not. But more on that later.

Phe was basically Bella--except Bella is like a total badass when compared to Phe. It wasn't just Phe that I didn't like. I didn't like ANY of the characters. Wait, I take that back. I liked Graham and Toy. But that's about it. Everyone else was annoying and totally two dimensional.