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Editorial Reviews. Review. That a nation should construct one of its most resonant national ceremonies round a cup of tea will surely strike a chord.
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From Taoist and Zen upbringings, Teaism not a typo! Broken into brief segments the work includes: 1. The Cup of Humanity. The Schools of Tea. Taoism and Zennism. The Tea Room. Art Appreciation. The second part of the work deals with the beginnings of tea.

The Book of Tea - Stone Bridge Classics

It focuses on preparation: boiled Sang , whipped Tong and steeped Ming - Okakura acknowledges that the Western world is bereft of the prior two methods because Europe entered the picture at the end of the Ming Dynasty in China: He elaborates on the preparation methods, detailing them finely and with the care one would expect of a teaist.

The fourth section puts on display the tea-room and it introduces the tea ceremony. Much time is given the architectural process and much thought put into criticizing Western architecture for using oft repeated styles and this is usually coupled with, upon strolling the inside, a lack of modesty so great as it regards material matter, that one is stricken by its indecency.

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Whereas the tea-room was a small, non-descript, humility begging structure, which may have one or two decorations and seat no more than usually 5 at a time. A very intimate gathering, and one full of custom as Okakura goes on to explain in the sixth section during his analysis of the use of flowers during the tea ceremony. Sections 5 and 6 are brief and deal mainly with what truly appreciating the respective titles means art, flowers and their usefulness and symbolism in Japanese culture, and specifically as it may relate to the tea rooms.

But Okakura finds that to be a topic which would be too long discussed and probably insubstantiate a work about tea. The work concludes with a summary of how a tea-master lives his life and directs his abilities. There is found here much accreditation, justly due, to the inventions of Japans tea-masters.

We are wicked because we are frightfully self-conscious. I love this book! It is not only a guide through history of tea, but a guide through the history of humanity, history of the relation between East and West and its values.

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The way it is written is poetic but it is still showing what the main differences between East and West are and how we are unable to understand the beauty of the moment, the beauty of present time, which is in the center of the tea ceremony. Western people are so determined to stick to their past and trying so hard to conquer their future that they forget to enjoy the only time they really can feel, the only time in which they can do something: the present time. First off, not really about tea. It's an overview of the history and philosophy of China and Japan through talking about tea.

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Okakura is a Japanese author who learned English at a young age, written in I found this book by clicking around on some links about Wabi-Sabi and because of my love for Chinese Tea I decided to read this one. The tea ceremony's I have been involved in are certainly rich, simple, peaceful experiences, it has a similar effect as yoga on mind and body. I hope to drink several cups of various asian varieties of tea every day for the rest of my life. I would recommend this short book to anyone interested in Asia, it's history and philosophy, and as well, it's tea.

Especially the westerner. The author being Japanese but well versed in western thought through his early command of the english language offers a great rebuttal to the attitude of the west towards Asia, which I wish so bad us westerners could catch on to. That can be found especially in the beginning, but certainly throughout. At the fifth cup I am purified; the sixth cup calls me to the realms of the immortals. I only feel the breath of cool wind that rises in my sleeves. It's way different than the caffeine high from coffee as well. It's a much more hydrated, non-jittery feeling.

The author describes the tea ceremony as being derived from the practice of Buddhist monks drinking tea before their altars. It can easily be a spiritual, life-giving experience. It would not be the Tao unless they laughed at it. Why do men and women like to advertise themselves so much?

Is it not but an instinct derived from the days of slavery? Okakura's book is a timeless dissertation on both the nature of tea and of Japanese culture that adapted it from earlier origins in China, transforming the simple act of making and serving a humble beverage into a quintessential microcosm of the Japanese traditional art of living. Though written for the edification of Westerners in another age, the author's wonderfully crafted prose still convincingly conveys the significance of green tea in a manner that doesn't require you to become a Zen follower to appreciate.

This books is a quick and informative introduction to the philosophy underpinnig "Teaism".

The Book of Tea

The book outlines how tea masters tried to live their lives according to the simple grace of the Japanese tea ceremony. For those looking for detailed instructions on conducting a tea ceremony, look elsewhere.

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